Сватбеният ден на M&Х | M&Ch wedding day

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  1. Marianna&Christo
    22.02.2015 at 20:24 — Отговор

    In looking for photographers, my (now) husband and I were looking for a more editorial approach versus traditional photographer. The moment we met Alex I knew we had found our photographer. His warmth, friendliness, and passionate approach to photography sold us immediately, and we did not regret it! Alex is not only a talented photographer but is a pleasure to be around. Booking him was very simple and throughout the lead-up to our wedding he was clear and efficient, asking what we wanted and guiding us through what was needed to get it. On the day of the wedding – 15/08/2014 in Varna – he was unfailingly polite and friendly to everyone he came across, and yet invisible most of the time. He really just let us, and all our guests, get on with eWenjoying the day – it was crucial to us that we could actually enjoy the results of all the effort we’d put into planning it, and although Alex was always at our disposal, it was so nice to just let him get on with it!
    Alex really takes the time to do his homework, scout locations, and provide recommendations that really suit the couple. We were more than pleased with the final pictures and in fact, had a REALLY hard time narrowing down to the ones that ended up in our album.

    HE’s got an incredible talent for capturing a feeling in an image. Going through one of his albums, you never fail to get a sense of the atmosphere at each and every event. And that’s exactly what we wanted – not a collection of snapshots of our nearest and dearest, but a record of the day as a whole, something we could look back on and remember how every step of the way felt.I’m sure we will continue to enjoy looking through them for years to come.

    If you’re wondering if it is worth spending the money then we say “do it!” You won’t find a better wedding photographer than Alexander Velchev!!!!

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